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Today i am gonna talk about how our game world persists through the beloved server restarts. 😛 We all know that ArmA-Servers will need a restart from time to time to function fast. Even if you try to collect as much garbage as possible a restart will always make the server faster.  We are trying to make those inevitable restarts affect roleplay in the least possible way. In order to achieve that we persist as much data as possible. Their wont be any fancy screenshots in this devblog, just me talking about talking about the things we do to try and make this life mod great. Also, i will indirectly (but obviously) compare this mod to the well known mission Altis Life (or now Arma Life) on which most of the “life mods” out their are based on. OK. Now that i have said that, let’s get into it.


Let’s talk about the players themselfs first. We dislike the idea of a player having to choose a spawn location every time they enter the server. That is why player position are persistent and that means that they will always log-in where they logged-out. If you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken car you are in for a hell of a walk (don’t worry, their will be alternatives to playing a running simulator).  I just love how you can log out at your house and when you log back in you’ll be just be there. Also, player inventories are saved exactly as they are. Every single bullet in your magazines is saved so players cannot re-log to restock their magazines. Survival stats such as hunger, thirst, intoxication etc. are persistent as well.


To create a living world we made all the vehicles that were bought by players or companies persistent. They’ll always be in the world. If parked incorrectly its up to the cops to order the breakdown service to get those vehicles towed out of the way. And hell are you in for a fine if you park your vehicle illegally. Vehicle inventories are also persistent with all the stuff players put into them. The way our taxes and pricing system works discourages players to own a lot of vehicles at ones to decrease the load on the server. Their is no such thing as a virtual garage in ArmA3-RP. However, we are considering to provide “vehicle safe zones” in form of parking spots for players without a garage to safely park their vehicles. Obviously the cars color and damage is saved to the database. We only support carpack addons with working license plate systems (Jonzie Vehicles and Ivory Cars). The license plates are unique (you can choose one when you buy a car). For Ivory cars we plan on persisting rim color, window tint and addons for the cars.

General Settings

Some general settings for server admins. As you can see you can define a custom license plate format.

Company And Housing Furniture

Our unique furniture system allows players to place furniture objects freely in their houses or company headquarter. These include containers where players can put items into. Furniture objects and their content are persistent as well, even if the player they belong to is not online. We want to create a great immersion with furnished houses and company headquarters. Also robbers might make out a good catch just by looking through the windows?!

Some persistent furniture objects. (Ignore the hint on the upper right, its for debug purposes)

Some persistent furniture objects. (Ignore the hint on the upper right, its for debug purposes)

Database Systems

Let’s assume that a player left his car in the middle of the road and logged off the server. Eventually the cops are going to see that car and order the breakdown service to tow it. The only problem is that we don’t have to ability to make the player pay for the tow and the ticket in an RP way. I mean, we could just take it from their bank accounts but that does not sound like a lot of roleplay. That is why we need databases for the cops, the medics and the breakdown service to keep track of orders and cases and stuff. So, when the guy left his car in the road logs back in he’ll probably wanna go to the place where towed vehicles are stored and retrieve it. The breakdown service employee can then check if the vehicle has been towed or not in the database and how much the player has to pay even if another employee created that order a week ago.

Order overview in the breakdown service tablet

Order overview in the breakdown service tablet. More about the Breakdown Service will be said in an upcomming devblog.

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