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since we are very busy dealing with real life stuff at the moment for the next 2-3 weeks i don’t have a lot to show today. Anyways i wanted to keep this DevBlog alive so you know we are still here. I am just gonna show our NPC item shops and the vehicle buy process.

Ok, so the NPC inventory item buy system really is nothing special but something we need, right?! Even when we try to achieve a player driven economy their has to be a way for players to get basic supplies so the server does not die from dehydration with no way to come back to life. We tried to make our money system (ATM system is in place) as secure as possible to prevent “hacking”. Every transaction is verified by the server (Let’s see how that works out on a 100 people server :P). Their really is not anything else to say about that system because it works exactly as it does in every other mod. One thing thought, the pallet you see in the screenshot wont be put into your inventory but placed directly in your hand because a pallet cannot fit in your backpack, right? We know that their is no indicator in the dialog about that, yet and we’ll take care of that in the future.

Inventory Item Shop Dialog

Inventory Item Shop Dialog

The following picture shows a draft of our vehicle buy dialog for NPC traders. At the moment you can only choose the base color of your car or its skin if the car does not work with procedural generated textures and it’s license plate. We are using keys as inventory items which will be put in your inventory when you purchase a car. For Ivory Cars we are planning on implementing for players to choose their rim colors and windows tint since Ivory has provided those features in his mod and its basically just text work. The dialog will be adjusted to our look and feel when all main features for purchasing cars are implemented.

Only a draft of our vehicle buy dialog. The system works but since we are planning to implement more features for it, we are not adjusting it to our look and feel, yet.

Only a draft of our vehicle buy dialog. The system works but since we are planning to implement more features for it, we are not adjusting it to our look and feel, yet.

Server administrators will be able to define additional cars in the CfgVehicles.

Entry from the CfgVehicles

Entry from the CfgVehicles

One more thing:

As you have seen in screenshots and earlier DevBlogs we are using the launcher slot for big tools such as pickaxes and stuff. That in itself is nothing new and has been seen before in a lot of other mods. We are currently working on a system where small tools can be used in the pistol slot by overwriting the standard animations (It’s not an actual override as you know from programming). We want to make every tool a melee weapon but also have a useful purpose. For example, the wrench. You can obviously hit someone with it but it’s also useful for getting a wheel of a car. We think the pistol slot is a great place for those tools because we want to discourage the use of weapons as much as possible anyways. I’ll show you more about this in future DevBlogs and leave it with some development screenshots for now. You’ll see that the handAnim for the wrench is the one off a pistol because the player streches his index finger. Their will be the ability to create custom handAnims for every tool.


Running with the “pistol wrench” being holstered. Its weird that it would be placed in a holster but we think that the benefits of the system outweigh that issue. We hope that we’ll find a way to at least rotate the wrench so it does not look as weird as now. Unfortunately the “holster” mempoint in handguns cannot be rotated as far as we know.


Casually holding a “pistol-wrench” with normal anims.


Taking the wrench for a walk..


Taking the wrench for a walk the second..

As i said, this is just to tell you that we’re still alive. Just busy with some real life stuff atm. Also the wrench system is in place since yesterday and therefore not optimized at all. We believe that we can make it nicely useful thought.

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  • Thank you for the offer. We will most likely just release the stringtable.xml file before the actual framework so people could translate it into various languages.

    Best Regards,

    P.s.: German is probably the smallest problem because we are german. 😛

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