Dynamic Object Placement And Carrying Objects

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In general Arma3RP uses the native Arma Inventory System for all those items we need. Car and House keys are inventory items as well by the way. But unfortunately not all “Items” we need can fit in your pockets or in your backpack. For example traffic cones or furniture objects. That is why we have implemented a way for players to carry bigger things around. You just walk up to an object press the action key and pick it up.


Action Menu. All GUIs are WIP


Me carrying a shelf. Animation were done very quickly and will be refined in a later stage of the project.

Once you picked something up you can slowly make your way to your destination. You can attach objects to a pallet dynamically. That pallet can then be lifted onto a truck with a forklift and off you go. Placing stuff on a pallet is simple. You just walk up to a pallet and aim at it. The object will automatically snap to the pallet and you can move it around with your mouse. You can rotate objects. Using the action key you can then attach the obejct to the pallet if it is not intersecting with objects already on that pallet.

Dynamic object placement on pallets.

Dynamic object placement on pallets. Some objects you see here are from PLPs Urban Pack. Pallet object from Jonzies Forklift.

If you drop a supported furniture object in your house or your company headquarter you will be prompted if you would like to keep that object as furniture. If you click yes the object is persisted in the database. Other people will no longer be able to pick the object up until you remove it as a persistent furniture object. This works for containers as well. Their content will be persistent too. With this system you can create unique company headquarters and houses. We are working on getting more furniture objects ready but it is not a priority at all.

Smeling Company Headquarter furniture

Smeling Company Headquarter furniture. (Yes, that laptop is inside the table…) That brown footlocker box is from PLP Containers.

The object carrying system is fully configurable. When an item is defined inside of CfgVehicles you can set a few additional parameters to make the carry object system look nice with all objects. If no values are provided, default values will be used.



objectOffset = The offset relative to the player to object will be attached to

objectVectorUp = The vectorUp that will be set to attached object

objectGesture = The gesture (animation) that will be played while carrying that object

objectMemPoint = Optional: Player model memPoint that the object will be attached to

originalAuthor is just a way we credit people directly in the configs.


Some of the carryable objects can also be put into cars. You can put them inside using the action menu and retrieve them via the normal inventory.

Putting a cone into a car

Putting a cone into a car

Cone inside vehicle inventory.

Cone inside vehicle inventory. The BMW belongs to the addon Ivory Cars.

Please keep in mind that these are in-development features. We might change them.



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