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This is my first little devblog post about our character creation system. The first thing you’ll have to do when you join a server that is running Arma3RP is to create your character. So lets dive into what we’ve already got.

You can set first, middle and last name. Those are persisted in the database so that changing profile names wont change your in-game name. You’ll also be able to set a birthday that can be used to identify people. Your place of birth will be your “spawn point” and will show on your ID for immersion. You will only have a “spawn point” once because as soon as your character is created you will always log in where you logged out. Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken car? Well, relogging wont help you here..

Your gender will decide what “faces” are available to your character. Its just too bad that Arma does not provide female soldiers, but there are some identity mods out their with female faces we can use to allow female characters in the game. Gender and appearance are persisted. The face you choose will always be your characters face. We are aiming to making characters distinguishable.

Ones you’ve created your character you are ready to jump into the world.

WIP Character Creation GUI

WIP Character Creation GUI

The following config entry is taken from our settings file. We are trying to make this mod easily configurable for server admins. Note that the gender option is not yet implemented and that the settings class will not have any information about that, yet. Sorry about that being a picture but wordpress wont let me use code right now and i don’t have time to figure it out right now.

Character Creation Settings

Character Creation Settings

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