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Sorry that I did not post any DevBlogs for like ages. Real Life has been exhausting lately and commits in the git repository were getting more and more scarce. We are however still committed to this and will continue working.

With persistent cars in an Arma 3 Roleplay mod their is one very important job – Breakdown Service Employee. I mean, people are gonna leave their cars pretty much everywhere and someone is gonna have to clean them up. Also we need a way to charge people who leave their cars in “illegal” spots once they are offline. I believe we have some neat systems in place for that and I am gonna show them off today. Let’s start a more common scenario thought:

So, lets start with stuff like breaking your car wheels. In Arma3RP you will only be able to repair damage yourself to a certain extend. For example “orange” wheels can be brought back to life with tyreweld but unless you have a replacement wheel and a wrench you wont be able to replace the wheel. If you manage to break your car in a way that is illogical to fix on your own, you wont be able to fix it on your own in our mod and you’ll have to call in the professionals.

Some of the items everyone is gonna be able to get to do easy repair tasks on their car.

Some of the items everyone is gonna be able to get to do easy repair tasks on their car.

If you are unable to repair your car on your own you’ll have to call the breakdown service in order to fix your car. Those guys have better tools and options to do the job.

Only Breakdown-Service employees will have access to these items.

Only Breakdown-Service employees will have access to these items.

When a Breakdown Service employee arrives at a broken car they are equipped with one very important gadget. We call it the “Breakdown Service Tablet”. Once the mechanic sits in the driver seat of a vehicle he can diagnose the car with it.

Breakdown Service Tablet - Vehicle Scan

Breakdown Service Tablet – Vehicle Scan. The UI on the upper left wont be visible in the finished mod, so this will come in handy.

As you can see the vehicle scan shows what has to be repaired on the car and automatically calculates the usual cost of the repair. The values for the price calculations are customizable for server admins. If the damage is not too bad, chances are that it can be repaired right on the spot. In the worse case they are gonna have to tow your car to the nearest station because even they wont be able to fix your car without heavy machinery.

Broken car being towed.

Broken car being towed utilising Jonzies Tow Truck.

For example if the engine has to be replaced they have to use a crane at the Breakdown Service station. Every broken down vehicle can be kept track off in the Breakdown Services Database. This is necessary because the vehicles are persistent and enables other mechanics to finish off transaction even though previous mechanics or players might have logged of. It is also important if the car of a player who is already offline is being towed. Existing Orders can be edited by all mechanics and additional information can be added to explain what happened.

Breakdown Service Tablet - Add Order

Breakdown Service Tablet – Add Order (Yep, there is a problem with clipping text.)


Breakown Service Tablet - Order Overview

Breakown Service Tablet – Order Overview

I am pretty sure that i forgot stuff and that there are a bunch of spelling mistakes. I am writing this in a little bit of a hurry. At least you guys now that we are still alive and working on this.

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