November 6, 2016

About ArmA3RP


ArmA3-RP is a in-development hardcore Life-Mod for ArmA 3. Live another life in a virtual reality. Become a business man and create your own company. Manage your employees and sell your goods for the best price. Other companies will be dependent on YOU. Join the police force and become an Officer to protect the citizens. Become a Detective and investigate crime scenes. Work in dispatch and coordinate units. Become a paramedic or an emergency doctor and be a hero without wearing a cape. Towing or repairing vehicles is your dream? No problem, the breakdown service system is one of the most advanced out their. With databases for orders and a lot of custom repair objects. The same applies to the cops and the medics. There is a lot to discover! Not into being the “good guy”? Grow drugs in your backyard and process them in your garage or house. Be carefull, one drop too much and it might explode.

Our Goal:

Our main goal is to provide a functioning and fun Life-Framework for Arma 3 to everyone. Every single file (excluding some .p3d and .rtm files) will be available to the public. That means that anybody will be able to create their own server with our mod. We are trying to make this as configurable as possible. We are aiming to have a single settings file to edit for server administrators in order to customize their servers with enough veriaty to distinguish themselfs from other servers. Let’s be honest here: A good roleplaying ArmA Life Mod Server has always been about rulesets and administration instead of a lot of custom objecsts/scripts and stuff.

Stage Of Development:

Since the base for the framework is done we are currently programming features. It takes a while because we try and think every feature through. We are trying to find a good balance between realism and playability for every feature we make. Arma being clunky as it is, is good for RP-Frameworks because everything is so slow. Check out our DevBlog from time to time. We’ll keep updating it with new features in the future.


No plans, yet. As soon as we have a working framework with a little bit to do in it we will most likely go through some internal testing and maybe even start a public alpha. (Our server, no release) When we are happy with what we have and we think that it is fun playing our mod for a longer time, then we will release.