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Database Systems

Cops, Medics, Breakdown Service and Companies have unique access to database systems to allow players to keep track of activities all around our world. Never have a server restart destroy your roleplay again.

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Persistent game World

Everything in our world is persistent. Cars always stay where you leave them, doors always save if they are locked or not. Players always log-in where they log out. Cargo-Furniture objects and vehicle inventories are persistent.

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Advanced Jobs

We are trying to make “working” as fun as possible in ArmA3-RP. The jobs we provide have mechanics to them that have not yet been seen in an functioning life mod.

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Company System

We have a very advanced company system in place that allows players to create and manage their own companies. Company headquarters can be rented and furnished freely.

About Arma3-RP

What is Arma3-RP?

ArmA3-RP is a in-development hardcore Life-Mod for ArmA 3. Live another life in a virtual reality. Become a business man and create your own company. Manage your employees and sell your goods for the best price. Other companies will be dependent on YOU. Join the police force and become an Officer to protect the citizens. Become a Detective and investigate crime scenes. Work in dispatch and coordinate units. Become a paramedic or an emergency doctor and be a hero without wearing a cape. Towing or repairing vehicles is your dream? No problem, the breakdown service system is one of the most advanced out their. With databases for orders and a lot of custom repair objects. The same applies to the cops and the medics. There is a lot to discover! Not into being the "good guy"? Grow drugs in your backyard and process them in your garage or house. Be carefull, one drop too much and it might explode.
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